More than just a video person


Doyle Maurer is more than just a video person – he's a communication expert that pays attention to the big idea as well as the little pieces that create it. Working with Doyle is knowing that things are taken care of. You won't even realize there's a camera in the room. 



Promotional Videos

It's said that a 3 minute video is equivalent to one million words. Customers want to know your brand. What better way to connect with them than through engaging, shareable content?

Testimonial videos

Otherwise known as digital referrals... Your customers know you in a way that you don't even know you. Hear their stories, and share them with your future clients! 


Documentary-style videos

People connect with people. Share a good story with someone and they are sure to remember who told it. 

Event Videos

Build the hype! Your event is important, or else it wouldn't be an event at all. Share it with your customers. Get the information out there, and remind them why they should attend the next one.